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laptop and computer repair center

PC Desktop
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PC Desktop
Spare Parts

Computer Repair Service Center

What we offer?

What we offer at Compu-Services?

Repair Services

  • Computer repair.
  • Laptop repair.


  • Computer Parts.
  • Laptop Parts.

Both Type of Services

  • Residential Services.
  • Business Services.

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Free Diagnostic

Free Diagnostic for Computer Repair

Take advantage of our FREE non-intrusive diagnostic in almost all our services, which will allow you to:

  • Know your exact estimate, with no hidden costs.
  • Know if it is more convenient for you to either fix your equipment or buy a new one.

We also offer low prices for intrusive diagnostic, that are required for more complex computer problems.

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Why Choose Us?

Why choose Compu-Services?

Because our core values play an important role for your benefit:

  • Expertise. We have the technical knowledge and technical experience as the big computer chain stores have, however we offer flexibility in our services for a lower price.
  • Affordability. We tailor a custom quote to give you the opportunity to fix your current equipment, avoiding the high cost of purchasing a new one.
  • Profesionalism. We are technicians, not salespeople. Which means that we are going to put all our effort in fix your computer problem, instead of trying to sell you a new equipment, like the big computer chain stores do.
  • Ethics. We respect your privacy, means that we don't compromise your information nor your customers. like the unscrupulous behavior of some pseudo-technicians that steal your data.

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Guaranteed Work

Guaranteed Work in Computer Repair

Have a peace of mind during all the troubleshooting process:

  • Get a fixed rate, with no hidden costs. Guaranteed.
  • We will take care of your equipment as if it is our own. Guaranteed.
  • We stand behind our work. Guaranteed.

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