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“Laptop Won't Turn On” Repair Service

“your laptop can go back to action in no time”

Your Case

Laptop Slow Performance Repair Case

Either suddenly or after an accident your laptop won't turn on anymore.

The reasons a laptop won't turn on anymore can be:

  • By accident, either you or somebody using your laptop drop it, damaging internal components needed in order for the laptop to turn on properly.
  • By electronic failure, this usually happens suddenly and it's because some internal component in your laptop is failing, it can be the motherboard, the screen, the power jack, the battery, dust in the cpu fan, or even the power adapter.

The time of live of the electronic components can expire at any time, this is something that is not in your hands or your laptop computer technician hands, it depends on the manufacture. That is why is important to choose a good laptop brand and/or an extended warranty at the time of purchase..

Our laptop repair shop is near you in Phoenix, we are ready to help you. If you have any question, please ask to our laptop geeks specialists about the best solution regarding to why your laptop won't turn on anymore.

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Your “Laptop Won't Turn On” Symptoms

Laptop Slow Performance Repair Symptoms

If your laptop has any of these symptoms, it's time to visit our laptop computer shop for a diagnostic:

  • When you press the power button nothing happens, the indicators light are off and there is not image or sound.
  • When you press the power button the indicators lights turn on but there is not image or sound.
  • When you turn on your laptop you get some beep sound but no image at all.
  • When you turn on your laptop, an image pop up for a few seconds but immediately the laptop shuts down.
  • And more...

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Enjoy Your Fixed Laptop

Laptop Slow Performance Repair Fixed

When the laptop won't turn on, it's necessary to perform a free diagnostic to find out if it worth your investment or not. In most cases a free diagnostic is not enough, instead, we need to perform an intrusive diagnostic to know the answer.

After the respective diagnostic, our laptop technician can give you an exact quote. Just bring your laptop to our laptop repair shop and you'll be able to make a decision to either fix your laptop or buy a brand new laptop.

  • First:  Take advantage of our Free Diagnostic, and find out what is the next step you need to make in order to know if it is worth to invest in fixing your laptop or purchase a brand new one.
  • Second:  Leave your laptop in our hands and we will make the necessary adjustments as soon as possible.
  • Third:  Your laptop will be ready to use.  Enjoy it!

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Laptop Slow Performance Repair Prices

As explained above, there are several reason why a laptop won't turn on anymore. Every case is different, that's why your exact quote will vary depending on the solution that fit your needs.

But once you bring your laptop to our laptop repair shop, we will guide you to take the next step to fix your laptop, so you can have it working in no time.

Service: Diagnostic (non-intrusive)
Rate: $ Free
You'll Get:

No strings attached.

This is the starting point to find out if your laptop needs  an intrusive diagnostic or not.

Suggestion: REQUIRED (depending on your case)
Service: Diagnostic (intrusive)
Rate: $35.00
You'll Get:

You'll find out what's your exact quote.

If you decide to do the service with us, this payment will be credited out of your total quote. However, if you decide that you don't want the service, this fee is non-refundable.

Suggestion: REQUIRED
Service: Labor
Rate: Varies from $45.00 to $125.00
You'll Get:

You'll get your laptop ready-to-use.

Professional laptop technician service. Guaranteed labor.

Suggestion: REQUIRED (depending on your case)
Service: Parts
Rate: Varies from $20.00 to $155.00 approx.
You'll Get:

Warranty for the replacement part.

Affordable price.

You'll get a better and personalized quality service than a big computer store for much less price.

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