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Laptop LCD Screen Replacement Service

“your cracked laptop screen won't bother you anymore”

Your Case

Broken LCD Screen Replacement Service Case

There are many accidents why a laptop screen can be broken and you need a laptop screen replacement.

You just had an accident and your laptop screen is broken, the fact is that you need a laptop screen repair as soon as possible to continue using your laptop.

You already inquire for some quotes and turnaround time but you are not satisfied with what you get so far.

Fixing a LCD laptop screen requires time and budget. And that is what makes us different than other laptop repair shops.

It requires time because the laptop need to be disassembly to find out what is the exact part number we need to replace. Many people thinks that knowing the brand and model number of the laptop is enough, but that is not true. By experience we know that two laptops with same brand and model may have two different part numbers.

It also requires budget, because fixing the LCD screen is not cheap, and it creates a dilemma: "is it cheaper to fix the laptop or is better to buy a new one? We will help you with your dilemma, for FREE, just bring the laptop to our repair shop and let's find out together what's the better option for you.

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Your Laptop Symptoms

Broken LCD Screen Replacement Service Symptoms

You'll know you need a laptop screen replacement when you see any of the following physical signals:

  • There is a cracked laptop screen.
  • The screen glass is broken.
  • There is a black spot in your screen avoiding to see the image of your laptop.
  • There is a fade image that you can only see with a flash light pointing the screen.
  • There is no image at all.
  • And more...

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Enjoy Your Fixed Laptop

Broken LCD Screen Replacement Service Fixed

Repairing a laptop from a broken LCD screen is not a do-it-yourself task.  There are many small component that are at risk if you try to do-it-yourself or if you give it to inexperienced hands in laptop repair industry.

After your laptop is fixed, you will enjoy it with the same quality image you had before the accident.

We have the experience and knowledge you need, and we are here to help you.

  • First:  Take advantage of our Free Diagnostic, and find out what if it is worth to invest in a laptop screen replacement or purchase a new laptop.
  • Second:  Leave your laptop in our hands and we will replace your broken LCD screen.
  • Third:  Your laptop image will be as clear as when the day you bought it.  Enjoy it!

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Broken LCD Screen Replacement Service Prices

Because every case is different, depending on your laptop brand, model, and year, that's why we can not predict an exact quote for you.

The exact quote for a laptop screen repair depends on the intrusive diagnostic, and it will approximately between $170 and $225.  However, if the price became too high we will try to work out an special discount for you.

Service: Diagnostic (non-intrusive)
Rate: $ Free
You'll Get:

No strings attached.

You'll be able to make an educated decision to choose between either fix your LCD laptop screen or buy a new laptop.

Suggestion: REQUIRED
Service: Diagnostic (intrusive)
Rate: $35.00
You'll Get:

You'll find out what's your exact quote.

If you decide to do the service with us, this payment will be credited out of your total quote. However, if you decide that you don't want the service, this fee is not refundable.

Suggestion: REQUIRED
Service: LCD Screen Remove & Replace (Labor)
Rate: $85.00
You'll Get:

You'll get your laptop ready-to-use.

Your laptop image will perform as clearly as the day you bought it.

Our labor is guaranteed.

Suggestion: REQUIRED
Service: LCD Screen (Part)
Rate: Varies from $85.00 to $140.00 aprox.
You'll Get:

We will strive to find the correct LCD part number for your laptop.

You'll get a better and personalized quality service than a big computer store for much less price.

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