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Virus Removal Service for PC Computers

“your PC speed will perform as fast or faster than the day you bougth it”

Your Case

Laptop Slow Performance Repair Case

Your anti-virus protection software has failed and your computer has become very difficult to use because of its extremely slow performance.  You feel absolutely frustrated.

The fact is that even if you have a free virus removal software, free malware removal or a sophisticated paid antivirus software, your chances of infect your PC desktop are high, because it depends more on the user habits than in the antivirus software.

The solution is not that easy, many people or even many technicians believe that they can remove the virus with a virus scan, but unfortunately, the virus can hide very deep in your system and it can reproduce again at any time later, leaving you with the same problem as the beginning.

Once the virus is in your computer, it is too late to get a adware removal or spyware removal, the virus or trojan horse is not let the antivirus to do its job.

We can repair your PC computer and remove any kind of virus your computer may have like ransomware, malware, trojan horse virus, spyware, etc.

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Your PC Computer Symptoms

Laptop Slow Performance Repair Symptoms

  • You receive warning pop-up messages from an antivirus software you didn't installed in your computer.
  • There are icons that suddenly appear in your PC desktop and popping-up too often offering you to remove the fake virus detected.
  • Your computer speed has decreased considerably and you are not able to perform your regular tasks like browsing the internet, homework or business work.
  • You don't have access to your files, unless you pay a ransom first.
  • Your malware removal software does not respond.
  • Your virus removal software does not respond.
  • Your spyware removal software does not respond.
  • And more...

Enjoy Your Fixed PC Computer

Laptop Slow Performance Repair Fixed

Don't waste your money or your time trying with the wrong solution to your computer virus problem.

If you try to find a free virus, malware, adware or spyware removal software you are going to invest several hours for something that even a computer specialist is not able to predict what's the best antivirus software to scan your PC desktop and remove the virus.  This process takes hours.

If an unscrupulous IT technician promise you they can remove the virus in one hour or so, that is poor quality job their doing, and you're just wasting your investment.

Don't forget that when your computer got a virus, your Microsoft Windows Operating System got damaged too. That means you have two problems at hand:  a PC computer virus infection and a Microsoft Windows damaged.

We will solve both of your problems in 3-easy-steps:

  • First:  Take advantage of our Free Diagnostic, and find out what is the real problem of your computer and if it worth to invest in fixing it or purchase a new one.
  • Second:  Leave your computer in our hands, we will remove the virus and recover your personal or business data (optional extra service).
  • Third:  Your desktop computer will perform as fast as when the day you bought it.  Enjoy it!

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Laptop Slow Performance Repair Prices

Service: Diagnostic (non-intrusive)
Rate: $ Free
You'll Get:

No strings attached.

You'll be able to make an educated decision to choose between either fix your PC computer or buy a new one.

Service: Windows reinstallation from scratch
Rate: $95.00
You'll Get:

You'll get your desktop computer ready-to-use.

Your PC will perform as fast or faster than the day you bougth it.

We also install a free virus protection software in your computer.

Service: System tune-up
Rate: $75.00
You'll Get:

Your PC will be as fast as the damaged from the virus let.

Suggestion: OPTIONAL
Service: Data backup and restore
Rate: $45.00
You'll Get:

You'll get peace of mind about your files. We take care that all your data will be restored to its original state.

You'll get a better and personalized quality service than a big computer store for much less price.

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